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Nikon Coolpix S570 12MP Digital Camera with 5x Broad Angle Electronic Vibration Reduction (VR) Zoom and 2.7-Inch LCD (Blue) - $179.95
Nikon Coolpix S570
Nikon Coolpix S570 12MP Digital Camera with 5x Wide of the mark Angle Optical Vibration Reduction (VR) Zoom and 2.7-Inch LCD (Black) (OLD MODEL) - $299.99
Nikon Coolpix S570
dCables Nikon CoolPix S570 USB Cable - USB Computer Line for CoolPix S570 - $8.99
Nikon Coolpix S570

Nikon COOLPIX S570

My new Nikon COOLPIX S570.

  • Ben

    How do you turn the flash off for the nikon coolpix S570?

    I want to turn the flash off for the nikon coolpix S570 how do I do it?

    Background: The circular button that surrounds the "OK" button on your Nikon Coolpix S570 is a multipurpose switch that takes on different functions, based on the current mode selection (playback, still (Auto), video mode, etc.). In "Auto" mode,...


Nikon COOLPIX S570 12.0 MP Digital Camera with Bonus sd card - MINT Condition: $19.99 (0 Bids) End Date: Thursday... 12/02/13, @_jessica__alba
Nikon COOLPIX S570 12.0 MP Digital Camera - Black with memory card $9.99 #Cameras #Camera 12/02/13, @AlishiaBalliet

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  • Nikon Coolpix S-Series: new epigrammatic super-zoom cameras

    02/10/15 ,via SlashGear

    Compendious cameras can swing to both extremes: some are cheap and barely functional, while others pack a lot of features into a slim body. Nikon's new trio of S-Series compact cameras dive into the latter group, each of them featuring thin and compact

  • Nikon's new waterproof camera is genial for adventure

    08/01/15 ,via USA TODAY

    Nikon's AW hawser of cameras is no exception: from year to year, they generally don't change much at all. On paper, that appears to be the case again in 2015. But this year's Nikon Coolpix AW130 (MSRP $349.95) takes keep on year's AW120, and rectifies its 

  • Nikon Coolpix S9900

    03/24/15 ,via PhotographyBLOG (blog)

    It features a back-illuminated 16 megapixel CMOS sensor, 30x optical zoom lens, Jammed 1080/60i HD video with new time-lapse recording, built-in WiFi, GPS and NFC connectivity, P/S/A/M exposure modes, a command dial and a 3-inch 921K dot vari-cusp 

  • Nikon Coolpix S7000

    04/10/15 ,via PhotographyBLOG (blog)

    The Nikon S7000 was introduced at the same everything as a range of other new Nikon cameras in early February 2015. It features a back-illuminated 20 million pixel CMOS sensor and a 20x optical zoom which gives you an equivalent slant of view of 25-500mm 

  • Nikon Coolpix S3700

    03/10/15 ,via PhotographyBLOG (blog)

    The Coolpix S3700 replaces the S3600 as the Nikon's moderate-midrange entry in its Coolpix Style range. The two cameras share almost identical specs, so the S3700 retains the same 20.1MP CCD sensor and 8x optical zoom lens which includes lens-change 

  • The NIKKOR Legacy Thrives: Three New Nikon Lenses Put Portrayal And New ...

    Nikon has also announced two additional new lens options, including the lightweight AF-S NIKKOR 200-500mm f/5.6E ED VR, a wonderful-telephoto zoom that gives FX and DX-format photographers incredible reach in a compact size. . Nikon Inc. distributes

  • Nikon Coolpix P900, un zoom teem voir la Lune

    08/27/15 ,via L'Express

    Nikon a frappé un sumptuous coup dans le domaine des bridges équipés d'un zoom XXL. Avec son zoom 83x, le Coolpix P900 écrase la concurrence et notamment le Canon SX60HS et son zoom 65x. Le téléobjectif s'accompagne d'un puissant stabilisateur qui 

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  • Nikon Coolpix S570 Instruction Manuals

    11/01/13 ,via

    ePHOTOzine have partnered up with to bring you a selection of instruction manuals and related photographic literature for almost every camera and accessory ever made. If you've lost your Nikon Coolpix S570 manual (also known as an ...

  • Nikon Coolpix L610 basic, but good Video

    01/24/13 ,via CNET News

    The Nikon Coolpix S570 is a respectable ultracompact camera, despite average point-and-shoot performance and some high-ISO overpromising. The Coolpix P7000 is a fine camera that lots of enthusiasts will appreciate for its smart shooting design, interesting ...

  • Nikon Coolpix S570 Digital Camera

    01/08/13 ,via

    Awesome camera with easy to figure out features. Nice pictures. Find, Compare, Read Reviews & Buy Nikon Coolpix S570 Digital Camera Online @ Yahoo Shopping • Want to see your products in Yahoo Shopping? Build your own online store or Advertise with us.

  • Nikon rolls out 3 Cool Pix new Camera models

    02/03/12 ,via

    Nikon the world’s famous camera manufacturer has announced ... but most of it remains the same as with the S560. Coolpix S570 can be purchased from the markets at a price of Rs 18,000/-.


Nikon Россия

Nikon 1; COOLPIX; Пленочные ... News 09.07.2013 Знакомство с приложением Nikon Holiday Countdown Собрались в отпуск, ...

Nikon | Imaging Products | COOLPIX S570

This is Nikon Imaging Website. ... Stylish, flat body that fits right in your pocket; 12.0 effective megapixels for high-resolution images

Nikon Coolpix S570. Одна платформа ...

Nikon Coolpix S570. Одна платформа – несколько ...

Цифровой фотоаппарат NIKON Coolpix S570 ...

Описание Цифровой фотоаппарат NIKON Coolpix S570 ...

Nikon Россия - Снято с производства ...

Nikon 1; COOLPIX; Пленочные ... COOLPIX S570; Другие сайты Nikon; Инструменты Nikon Микроскопы, измерительные ...

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